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A family history of privilege and fortunes made and lost, from Wessex to MacAlpin, Flanders to Jerusalem, Knights Templar, Rosslyn Chapel, Reiver banditry, Irish settlement, royal cousins, the Tower of London, colonial politics, Jacobite rebellion, merchantmen and post war life in Scotland. Family, cousins and connections are endless. 

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Agnes Campbell Walls, our paternal grandmother, lived what always seemed to be on the surface a life of her times, a post war widow on a pension living in a modest council house in Dunfermline Scotland. Agnes travelled a lot, not just in Scotland but over Europe and Africa. It was from the parents of Agnes, James Walls and Catherine Burt, that the story took an interesting turn.  It is unlikely that Agnes knew of all the more distant names and history that we have so far traced here but along with her eldest son (our father) they were aware of links and family business matters  that spanned several generations. 

The full bibliography and references accessed in the  research and writing of this site are listed in the relevant tab.

A considerable library of books and papers old and new have been collected. Chasing documents in library and public access archives has been  a constant source of information and validation of information and links. 

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