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The House of Baldwin is well documented back to the late 9th century and remains one of the most interesting and prolific of "royal" houses to be found in Europe. The names Baldwin, Eustace, Archibald, Matilda, Godfrey, Robert and William recur through the most dramatic Crusader period, the Levant across to into Flanders and to Scotland. As Duke William married into the Baldwins there is created also a southern route through Hastings to reward his "companions" with lands all across England and Wales and through Annandale to Robert the Bruce. The King of Jerusalem, the Emperor of Constantinople, the Plantagenets and the Stuarts all share this  good company.

V7 BALDWIN I to Robert of Flanders and WALLS.jpg
V7 2 BALDWIN I to Robert of Flanders and WALLS.jpg
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