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Michael was born 26 February 1958, son of William (Bill) Low


Mike was born in Dundee as David Brown to a married Jute mill worker originally from South Uist and a student teacher from Dundee before being adopted by William and Joyce Low.


Early years were spent in Dunfermline attending Linburn and Commercial primary schools and Queen Anne high school, regularly playing football and winning the school colours for rugby at Queen Anne.  Became a life-long fan of Dunfermline Athletic (the Pars) after being taken to games by his father William during their “golden years” in the 1960s, including to Hampden to see them win the Scottish Cup against Hearts in 1968. He remains a season ticket holder in these slightly less golden years.


Mike left Dunfermline to study Ophthalmic Optics in Glasgow but left after first year, moving to Edinburgh to seek work. After a few months working in a garage in Portobello Mike was employed by Royal Bank of Scotland as a computer operator, quickly moving into programming. He worked in RBS for 38 years in a variety of senior management and executive roles in systems development and infrastructure management before retiring in 2015.


Since retiring Mike has completed all 282 of the Scottish Mountains known as Munros and should complete all of the 227 Munro Tops in 2021.




Mike married Lesley Watt in 1978, having 3 children before divorcing in 1995.


Jade Louise Low (teaching assistant) born 25 July 1979, married Jonny McCulloch (car mechanic) (born 5 Oct 1976) on 23 Sep 2005, having 2 children


Finlay William McCulloch born 4 Oct 2008

Callum Alexander McCulloch born 3 Apr 2012


Daniel Paul Low (psychiatric nurse) born 4 August 1982, married Wendy Anne Wallace (psychiatric nurse) (born 8 Aug 1975) on 25 Aug 2006, having 2 children


Olivia Niamh Low born 16 Aug 2008

Connor Jamie Low born 28 May 2010


Russell William Low (heating engineer / pipe fitter) born 3 January 1984, not married but had 2 children with ex-partner Michelle Boyce (council leisure centre worker) (born 30 March 1990)


Charlie William Low born 30 Jul 2012

Bobby Campbell Low born 29 Jan 2015


Married Karen Webster (IT project manager, born 12 Apr 1964) 24 May 1996, having 2 children


Rory William Low (Retail worker) born 12 Mar 1998


Caitlin Margaret Low (Stable hand) born 22 Jun 2001

Home of Michael and Karen Low, the old manse from the Dalhousie estate Bonnyrigg,  Edinburgh.

Michael’s garden borders the old cemetery which has a monument to the fallen of the wars erected by Susan Georgina the daughter of The Marquess of Dalhousie. Our distant cousin out of the Romanov family,  Marilyn Butter, the 2nd Great granddaughter of Tsar Nicolas 1st of Russia,  married James Hubert Ramsay 17th Earl of Dalhousie.

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