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Scotlands People

British History Online

A Genealogical and Heraldic Dictionary of the Landed Gentry of Great Britain and Ireland

The Douglas Archives

University of St Andrews Archives

HT History Today

History Buffs


All  the books, papers and information mentioned and listed here have been important sources for facts and information contained in this website. Whilst ONLINE sources can at times be inaccurate or misleading or just plain WRONG by cross referencing they can be a valuable resource of facts and ideas when used in a selective and measured way.  Alongside many others from my list here of titles on my bookshelves I continue to learn and understand the history of my family, distant relatives and ancestors. To create a more tangible connection  with the past I have set a challenge of acquiring 20 artifacts to bring to life the stories of LOW-ANCESTORS. 

Where  published print and online records and information have been used  precedence has been given to referenced historical fact.

Unreferenced information has been cross checked to a reasonable level of authority. 

Prime evidence has been used wherever possible by way of  public records, archives and documents. 

Translation from documents in French, German and Latin have been randomly outsourced for reference. 

Ancestry links have only been used where there is confirmed documentation of birth, death, marriage or census records. 

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